New Lošinj Marine Science Centre

Three dimensional artist impression of the new LMEC, by Gorjan Agačević, Revolucija doo
In Spring 2010 we approached the City of Mali Lošinj for its support to secure a new property from the Central Office for State Property Management.They have kindly submitted the request and now we await the decision of the State.

Since opening the original Lošinj Marine Education Centre, in Veli Lošinj, it has become the focal point for the work of the Blue World Institute, a tourist attraction for the village, and an education hub for the region. Although reconstructed in 2003, the fabric of the building dates back to its construction in 1826 and suffers from problems of moisture and humidity. In addition, over recent years it has grown too small to hold the growing numbers of activities and projects of Blue World. Associated with this has been an increase in researchers, students, interns and volunteers, Blue World now employs six people full time and another two persons part-time.

The Centre has served its educational and public awareness purpose extremely well. In the seven years since it opened it has hosted over 50,000 visitors, over 300 school groups and numerous tourist groups, all in a relatively small space. Additionally, the Centre has hosted several international meetings, workshops and conferences, continues to support university education, provides opportunities for people to return to the island and work, and remains the premier tourist attraction on the island. In an average year the Centre and Blue World are featured in several dozen newspaper and magazine articles, hundreds of web pages, over 20 radio interviews, and more than 15 television appearances including prime time central news and specialised television magazines. Locally, the role of the Centre is recognised by the community who have requested Blue World to leave the permanent exhibition in operation for the summer seasons, when the new Centre comes online.

The idea has also been presented on national TV, HTV1 in More magazine on 31.10.2010. and you can check the video here

The new Marine Science Centre in Mali Lošinj will be designed with the aim to provide an example of sustainable architecture. The Centre will feature a permanent exhibition, turtle rescue centre, facilities for visitors and groups, and facilities for universities and other cooperating institutes. Currently we have formal support from the following organisations:

The City of Mali Lošinj
The Chamber of Commerce of Mali Lošinj
The University of Zagreb, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Public Institution for Managing Protected Nature Areas County of Primorje & Gorski Kotar
The Institute of Tourism of Croatia
Jadranka Hotels and Villas
The Agreement on the Conservation of the Cetaceans of the Back Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic Area (ACCOBAMS)
Idem i Ja
Miramare Marine Reserve
The Univeristy of Trieste

If you or your organisation would like to support this initiative please contact us:

Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation
Lošinj Marine Education Centre, Kaštel 24, Veli Lošinj, HR-51551, Croatia
Tel:         +385 51 604 666
Fax:        +385 51 604 668