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Blue World Institute                                        info AT blue-world.org
official e-mail, general information

Dr. Drasko Holcer, Ph.D.                      Drasko.Holcer AT blue-world.org

Dr. Peter Mackelworth, Ph.D.                Peter.Mackelworth AT blue-world.org
Conservation Director

Ms. Jelena Basta, prof.                         Jelena.Basta AT blue-world.org
Education Director         

Dr. Nikolina Rako Gospić, Ph.D.            Nikolina.Rako AT blue-world.org
Science Director   
Ms. Andrea Boric                                  Andrea.Boric AT blue-world.org
LMEC manager        

Mr. Grgur Pleslic B.Sc.                          Grgur.Pleslic AT blue-world.org
ADP researcher         

Ms. Mateja Zekan, M.Sc.                       Mateja. Zekan AT blue-world.org
ADP researcher         

Mr. Jure Miočić-Stošić M.Sc.                  Jure.Miocic-Stosic AT blue-world.org
ADP researcher         

Ms. Tihana Vučur, M.Sc.                       Tihana.Vucur  AT blue-world.org
ADP researcher         

Dr. Bojan Lazar, Ph.D.                          Bojan.Lazar AT blue-world.org
member of the Board         

Ms. Maja Nimak Wood, M.Sc.                 Maja.Nimak AT blue-world.org
member of the Board         

Info on Adopt-a-Dolphin programme               adopt AT blue-world.org

Info on Volunteering programme                     volunteer AT blue-world.org

Info on the Adriatic Dolphin Project                  adp AT blue-world.org

Info on Web-shop                                           shop AT blue-world.org

Webmaster                                                    webmaster AT blue-world.org