Get Involved

Blue World would like your support to help conserve the dolphins and habitat of the Adriatic sea. We have six ways you can get involved:

The adopt a dolphin programme is a method for funding the education programme of Blue World, in return adoptees receive information on the dolphins they adopt, become a member of Blue World and get free access to the Losinj Marine Education Centre in Veli Lošinj.

Becoming a volunteer means that you join the Blue World crew in Veli Lošinj and help fund the research. As a volunteer you spend your days working and living with crew members, going out on the sea to help with the field work, working in the centre and having daily lectures. Accomodation is shared with other volunteers, students, interns and researchers at the Blue World house.

If you are studying biology, veterinary science, geography or any other related inter-disciplinary a limited number of internships are available every year. Interns for the summer season must be able to speak at lease English and Croatian languages. 

Have you been out on the sea, have you seen a dolphin? If you have seen a dolphin or some other unusual marine species please let us know.

Every summer we host dolphin day in Veli Lošinj. It is one of the summer events in the village and requires the input from volunteers, students, children and the local community. If you would like to help out or just get involved, please let us know, or just come and enjoy the day.

Blue World is an independent non profit non governmental organisation. Much of our work is funded through sponsorship from environmentally minded organisations. If you, your company or organisation is interested in a partnership please contact us. Current and previous sponsors can be found on our sponsors page.