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See a variety of films and articles which have been recorded about Blue World and our projects.

Blue World celebrates the 10th anniversary of their work and 23 years of the Adriatic Dolphin Project

Some of the movies takes us back to the past ...

Adriatic Dolphin Project - the first 20 years

This movie is made out of numerous recordings made during last 20 years of work of the Adriatic Dolphin Project, initially started by the Tethys Research Institute and taken over in 1999 by the Blue World Institute.

Love is stupenduous, 2002.

Losinj Dolphin Reserve, 2006.

Ecovolunteers - one of the first TV report about ADP from 1995.

The beginning of Adriatic Dolphin Project, early 90's

Festival of the sea, 2000.

The first Dolphin Day, 1992

Open Sea - a natural history film about the Adriatic Sea